Mole Removal Scar

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Mole Removal Scar – Moles are small nests or accumulations of melanin pigments which become visible on the skin. There are various etiological reasons for the presence of moles such as lesions which maybe benign or pre-cancerous in nature, exposure to the sun’s rays, vascular lesions etc. More often than not, people tend to get these removed for esthetic as well as health related reasons.

Two commonly employed methods for the removal of these moles are:-
1. Surgical excision followed by application of stitches.
2. Cauterization
Mole removal scar
The method for chosen for the removal of moles is dependent on various factors such as the size, shape and the color of the mole. One thing however which is important to know is that whenever a mole is removed there remains a scar. The mole removal scar might sometimes look prominent that may defeat the esthetic reasons for going in for a surgery. Mole removal scars may heal completely sometimes and on a few occasions may persist which is dependent again, on the size and the method chosen for removal of the mole.

If the mole is superficial and only minute surgery is required then in all probability there will be no mole removal scar. However if the surgery invades deep into the tissues then there might be a mole removal scar that depicts the area on which the surgery was performed. There is always a mole removal scar when it comes to removal by Laser treatment as it works on the principle of vaporizing the tissue where the mole was present.
So the dermatologist must make sure that the patient is made aware of the pros and cons of the method being employed for the removal of the moles as well as about the presence of the mole removal scar or the chances of it being persistent once the surgery is done.

Also the dermatologist must make the patient aware about the possible methods to explore for dealing with the mole removal scar which include the following:-

1. Proper after care- one must make sure that they have undergone such a procedure then the area must be kept covered for some amount of time to prevent exposure to the sun as well as the area must be clean to avoid any sort of contamination by bacteria.
2. Application of a moisturizer regularly- this must be done to ensure that the skin does not get dehydrated at anytime.
3. Application of onion based scar treatment creams- these can be used and act effectively to reduce the shade of the mole removal scar thereby making it lighter.
4. Timely and regular massage- this makes sure that there is a constant supply of blood and other vital substances that are required for healthy healing of the area.
5. Vitamin E based lotions- these are good for the skin and will ensure that the mole removal scar does not appear too prominent at any time.
6. Surgical intervention- the patient if too conscious about the presence of the mole removal scar can always opt for a cosmetic surgery to take care of the esthetics.

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