Skin Tag Removal

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If you wish to know more about skin tag removal then reading this article is a must for you. What Skin tag means is a cutaneous papilloma, cutaneous tag, fibroepithelial polyp or a soft fibroma.

This is a very small piece of skin hanging out which in some cases may have a small stalk. These can occur anywhere on body but the most common sites where they appear are the- eyelids, groin, axillae and under the breasts. These mostly appear in areas where there are chances of the skin rubbing against itself leading to the formation of a skin tag removal

Skin Tag RemovalIf these occur in areas that are not visible then people may choose to persist with these but if these lie in the visible range then many people opt to get these removed. There are a few things that should be kept in mind when opting for skin tag removal. The skin tag should be removed in the initial stages of formation as the removal will be easy and fast.

Also before you decide to go in for skin tags removal make sure that you consult a good dermatologist and take their opinion. There are various methods that are employed when it comes to skin tag removal of which a few are listed below:-

  1. Electro-surgery – this skin tag remover method is being followed by doctors these days. The area from where the skin tag is to be removed is anesthetized using a local anesthetic and then electro-surgery is done. One important thing for you to know is that this method can be a little painful and there are always chances of post-operative scarring.
  2. Surgical removal - removal of skin tags can be done using Iris scissors by a doctor. A local anesthetic is used in such cases and then the skin tag is removed from the stalk itself.
  3. Liquid Nitrogen - This is one of the latest methods and the benefits of employing this method for skin tag removal is that it is painless and very fast. In this method a small forceps is dipped into liquid nitrogen and then used to hold the skin tag stalk for a few seconds. The only precaution to be taken using this method is that the forceps should be kept away from the surrounding skin.
  4. Skin Tag Removal At Home - this is not a very safe method to remove skin tags as it is not hygienic. In this method the base or the stalk of the skin tag is tied using a thread. This stops the blood supply to the skin tag and after that the skin tag can be removed.

These are the various methods that can be used for skin tags removal. You should always consult your doctor before deciding on what method to use for skin tag removal. The easiest method might not always prove to be the best one so think before you decide. So, now that you know so much about skin tag removal you can always do a little more research if you are suffering from any such problem and want to go in for skin tag rem

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